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Industrial Engineer – Analyze and evaluate industrial productivity and standard coverage of the production plant using Regression Analysis; Create and update manufacturing drawings for the production of Flexible Shaft Assemblies using CAD; Optimize inventory management systems using MRP; Design data analysis tools using VBA; Coordinate and optimize materials planning for new product launches using Analysis of variance (ANOVA); Identify and eliminate waste using Six Sigma and Lean; Perform time-and- motion studies to promote efficient and economical utilization of personnel and facilities; Match demand and reduce wait times for customers using Aggregate planning; Advance process improvement using Process capability and Statistical control charts.

Must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering or Mechanical Engineering plus skills and knowledge of CAD, MRP, Aggregate Planning, Time-and- motion studies, Analysis of variance (ANOVA), Process Capability.

Job location: Piscataway, NJ. Submit résumé referencing job code JOI001 to HR, S.S. White Technologies, Inc., 151 Old New Brunswick Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854.