S.S. White® Technologies Inc.

Flex Shaft Casings


A Flexible Shaft casing serves many purposes, all essential to the accurate operation of practically every type of Flexible Shaft. For example, the casings

  • protect the shaft from moisture, dust and dirt while retaining lubrication
  • prevent injury to the operator by contact with an unprotected rotating shaft at high speed
  • provide a continuous guide for the enclosed shaft for smooth operation
  • prevent the shaft from helixing, or looping, during operation under torsional loads
  • control the bending of the enclosed shaft by guiding it into more natural and gradual bends while limiting how tight a bend radius it can achieve

S.S. White manufactures two standard types of casings. However, to meet special requirements, S.S. White can also provide other types of casings.

•  Metallic casings

This type of casing is durable and very flexible. It provides strong support for the entire length of the Flexible Shaft.

•  Plastic or rubber covered casings

This type of casing has a flexible metal liner with reinforced layers of plastic or rubber extruded on the outer surface. This casing will also provide resistance to oil and moisture as well as abrasion.